FRCP Amendments: The Long and Winding Road

Just like in the Beatles song, the long and winding road leading to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) amendments took another turn on April 10th and 11th when the Advisory Committee considered the proposed rules package at its meeting in…By: Kr…

Litigation Support

From the LTN News Desk – Law Technology News

From the LTN News DeskLaw Technology NewsE-discovery company Iris Data Services opened a new satellite office in Nashville, Tenn., to provide litigation support to its clients. In addition to client support, the office will house project management and…



Kenya Moves to Leave International Court

Kenya’s parliament has passed a motion to withdraw from the International Criminal Court just before the country’s president and deputy president face trial at The Hague for allegedly orchestrating postelection violence.

EU Unveils Plan to Clamp Down on Shadow Banking

The European Union is pushing for a more stable financial system by clamping down on “shadow banking” — the high-finance sector that handles trillions of dollars but isn’t bound by the same rules as banks.

Law & Legal Practice

Court Reporters – Suggestions on When and How to Interrupt

Court reporters have the job of writing down everything anyone says in a legal proceeding while on the record. How a court reporter is able to write down anything anyone says is by writing everything phonetically. Therefore, it is possible for a…By…

News Releases

Global 7 Technologies Appoints Charles Skamser as Senior Vice President

Industry veteran to manage sales and marketing     CLEVELAND – February 5, 2014 – Global 7 Technologies (G7T) (www.global7technologies.com), the creators of Global Discovery Network (GDN) (www.SimplifyingEDiscovery.com), a new generation, cloud based electronic business data discovery and review platform which enables simplified data collections and investigations, information governance and eDiscovery, today announced the appointment […]